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Pole Practice Session @ Acro Polates

About Pole Practice Session Every Wednesday and Friday evening, we will be opening up our studio dedicated to AN HOUR of pole practice to all enthusiasts! Ple...

Pole Practice Session @ Acro Polates
1 h
Host's Venue
This event is available only at the host's venue. Please book from the available dates listed.
6 - 12 Guest(s)

About Pole Practice Session Every Wednesday and Friday evening, we will be opening up our studio dedicated to AN HOUR of pole practice to all enthusiasts! Please select your desired time slot when booking. Fees For Acro Polates Students: S$5 For Non-Acro Polates Students: S$10 Why has pole dance fitness become popular and why is it effective? It is like working out in a gym , and a little like gymnastics on a pole. Participants use their own body as weights when they practice certain pole spins and gravity defying inversions. Coupled with the dance element, pole dance fitness offers a wide range of health and fitness benefits such as improving one's core strength, muscular strength endurance and toning, flexibility, motor skills and cardiovascular. That explains why when many women come into contact with pole dance fitness, they fall in love with it instantly for its challenging acrobatic nature of the sport as well as the grace and fluidity of what comes with the dancing part. Today, ACRO POLATES' students boast an array of housewives, expatriates and corporate ladies including lawyers, doctors, accountants, account managers etc. It is the closest ladies can get to learning gymnastics or acrobat and at Acro Polates, it is never too late to start, as we have also have a handful of ladies in their 40s and 50s taking up the sport too. Attire Sports Tank or crop top & shorts and bare feet for pole T-shirt or Tank top and tights/leggings and bare feet for aerials. Heels/Stilettos/Boots may be required for Spinning Pole-reographies Terms/Conditions & Legality 1. Students must register and pay all class fees before the course 2. The company and its instructors are not obliged to provide replacement classes or refund for any class missed unless the entire class has been cancelled or postponed due to public holidays, instructors on leave or instructors/studio having prior engagements. 3. Once a course has been signed up for, no changes or refund will be allowed unless the cancellation is made by the company or its instructors. Refunds or changes will be made on a case-by case basis and strictly on the discretion on the company and in some instance, an administration fee of up to $20 may apply. 4. Participants of any of the courses, practices or activities should realize that there are risks of injuries/accidents or even possibility of death associated with all forms of dance or exercises. When you sign up to do a course or class with the studio, you confirm that you are certified fit & healthy to participate in the course/activity and that you voluntarily engage in the activities, and assume all such risks and agree that the studio, its company, instructors or any of the studio/company’s staff, or affiliates are NOT IN ANY WAY responsible nor held liable for any such injury/injuries or loss (or limbs life etc) you may suffer or a result of the classes and / or any other such events conducted at / by the studio/company. 5. The studio/company not liable for any loss of belongings. 6. The studio/company reserves the right to amend the rules/terms or conditions or schedule without prior notice.

Note: The exact location will be disclosed once the host has accepted your request.
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Acro Polates
Pole Fitness. Aerial Silk.
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Acro Polates is Singapore’s most dedicated pole-fitness studio with the sole aim to bring passion into dance and fitness, in a safe and professional environment, through our internationally-certified instructors.
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Pole Practice Session @ Acro Polates
Hosted by Acro Polates Singapore
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