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Art Jamming Workshop

Meet new people, relieve stress and at the same time discover the childhood artist within you. Whatever you choose to call it, art jamming is definitely fun an...

Art Jamming Workshop
2 h 30 m
Host's Venue
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1 - 7 Guest(s)

Meet new people, relieve stress and at the same time discover the childhood artist within you. Whatever you choose to call it, art jamming is definitely fun and meaningful! What exactly is art jamming? Art jamming is a great way to de-stress and “detox”. Some believe art jamming helps channel negative thoughts and the frustrations of day-to-day worklife into purposeful, creative energy. It is increasingly gaining recognition as a form of art therapy, while others refer to it as “paintertainment”. I’m interested but do not have any art experience. Is that OK? Certainly yes! You don’t need any formal art experience to paint – just follow your instincts and your heart. No limits, no inhibitions, and best of all, no judgmental looks! Bring your own picture or, if you’re stuck figuring out what to paint, choose from our wide range of thoughtfully preselected inspiring art copies. No one’s expecting you to be a Picasso or Rembrandt overnight, but at least you know you’ve taken the first step! How many people are there in a typical art jamming session? We usually limit our sessions to 12 art jammers to maintain a cozy, personal and friendly vibe. Bring a friend for company and share the canvas together! Or maybe you simply want to be alone to delve deep into your thoughts as you paint your own subject. Besides painting, what else can I expect? Enjoy two-and-a-half hours of jazz or lounge music, complimentary snacks, and a cup of hot beverage (or iced lemon tea if you prefer) – all these as you mingle in the cool comfort of our well-lit, air-conditioned art studio. Will there be anyone guiding me? We offer non-guided, open art jamming sessions so you are at liberty to paint whatever you wish. If you require help on the use of tools, materials, or basic painting techniques, our friendly guides will be on hand to assist you. Each session includes a 16" x 20" stretched canvas frame, unlimited acrylic paint, brushes, disposable palette, and apron. What if I’m unable to finish? Can I continue or come back another day to finish my painting? We encourage all art jammers to complete their artworks within a session. However, we understand you may need a longer time due to a larger canvas or complex details, or you may prefer to paint at a more leisurely pace. You are most welcome to continue with your painting at $ an hour. Pricing $50.00 for 2.5 hrs; every additional hour @ $10.00 Price includes: • 16" x 20" canvas • acrylic paints (we use only quality Daler & Rowney paints) • brushes • disposable palette • easel • apron

Note: The exact location will be disclosed once the host has accepted your request.
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ARTEFAKTS is an artist’s studio and craft workshop. We are passionate about creating art with a refreshing, contemporary twist. We offer art experiences for people to discover their inner artist. With over 30 years of experience as a graphic designer, art director and art educator, founder Jeffrey Ang believes there’s an artist within each of us waiting to be discovered, and that art should be enriching, relaxing and therapeutic. See you at our studio soon!
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Art Jamming Workshop
Hosted by Artefakts Singapore
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