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Linocut Printing Workshop

MONO-COLOUR LINOCUT PRINTING | BASIC LEVEL About this workshop In both workshops, you will be introduced to the basics of linocut carving and printing techni...

Linocut Printing Workshop
2 h 30 m
Host's Venue
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1 - 12 Guest(s)

MONO-COLOUR LINOCUT PRINTING | BASIC LEVEL About this workshop In both workshops, you will be introduced to the basics of linocut carving and printing techniques. You'll learn how to identify what makes an ideal image for a linocut artwork. You will begin by tracing the selected pattern or design and transferring them onto the lino surface. Then, using various linocut blades, you will carve the lino block to create a positive image. Finally, you will ink the image using a brayer (or roller) with block printing ink and print the image onto paper or fabric surface. All materials required for this workshop will be provided and are included in the workshop fees. What will I learn in a mono-colour workshop? Mono-colour Linocut Printing (2.5 hrs) In this single-session workshop, you will design, transfer the image, and carve onto a lino block. You will mainly focus on creating an image that will be printed with only a single colour. Of course, you may choose to print the same design in various different colours but it will be considered a single-coloured design. What you will take home You will go home with a carved linoleum block, which you can print over and over again, and a copy of your mono-colour linocut print. lino-whale What will I learn in a duo-colour workshop? Duo-colour Linocut Printing (2.5 hrs x 2 sessions) This workshop consists of 2 sessions. • Session One will be devoted to designing, transferring the image, and carving the two-part lino blocks. • For Session Two, you will test print and refine your linocut image, and finally print your design in a variety of two-color combinations. You will learn how to create an image which consists of separate areas that will print in different colours. What you will take home The result is an Andy Warhol-inspired pop art poster that you can frame up for your home. Participants will go home with two pieces of carved linoleum blocks and a copy of their two-colour linocut print. In the example below, the bunny and donkey are printed in a darker, stronger colour while the background is lighter, brighter. In order to achieve this effect, this process requires you to carve two different lino artworks – one for the bunny or donkey and another for the background – and finally to print both artworks in registration. The result is a stunning two-colour effect. lino-bunny pair lino-donkey pair Suitable for families with children 13 yrs old and above No charge for one accompanying adult Tools and materials provided Print as you like; Unlimited number of colours

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ARTEFAKTS is an artist’s studio and craft workshop. We are passionate about creating art with a refreshing, contemporary twist. We offer art experiences for people to discover their inner artist. With over 30 years of experience as a graphic designer, art director and art educator, founder Jeffrey Ang believes there’s an artist within each of us waiting to be discovered, and that art should be enriching, relaxing and therapeutic. See you at our studio soon!
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Linocut Printing Workshop
Hosted by Artefakts Singapore
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