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Basic Portraiture Course

It is almost every art student’s dream (or nightmare depending on how you approach it) when it comes to portraiture. Without the right guidance and understan...

Basic Portraiture Course
2 h 30 m
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1 - 8 Guest(s)

It is almost every art student’s dream (or nightmare depending on how you approach it) when it comes to portraiture. Without the right guidance and understanding, portraiture is often one of the most daunting assignments because we are all naturally critical when it comes to faces and how they should look. Even the slightest misjudgment of proportion can make a face look “off” or awkward. And that’s not even about trying to represent likeness. Please select your desired date for your first lesson when registering What will I learn? Overcome your anxiety as we guide you through our step-by-step process. Using both live models (i.e. your classmates!) as well as high quality photographic references, as well as several vigorous detailed studies, you should be able to complete at least two A3 pencil or charcoal portraits in full tonal value by the end of the course. Aims and Objectives By the end of the course, participants should be able to: • Identify the various stroke gestures (long strokes, short strokes) and line quality (width, weight, pressure, consistency, fluidity, etc) • Explain the difference between loose sketching and tight drawing • Explain terminology for anatomy of the human head • Develop a good artist’s eye (keen observation skills and sighting) • Develop skills to draw with accurate proportions • Apply tonal values and texture to enhance light and form (shading) • Apply proportions of the human head • Render human hair Broad topics • Use of charcoal pencil, pencil, brush ink pen • The Human Portrait (male & female) • Proportions of the Head • Basic Anatomy of the Head • Parts of the Face: Eyes, Eye Brows, Ears, Nose, Mouth •Rendering Hair Tools and materials provided • Drawing pencils – B, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B • Charcoal pencil; pen; black ink • Eraser – white polymer and kneaded • A4 Sketchbook • A3 Drawing block/cartridge paper • Sandpaper block Course Schedule Please select the date of your first class when registering. Classes are on-going and scheduled on a weekly basis. This means you may be sharing a class with other students at different stages of the course, so you can have a 'sneak peek' at what you'll be learning for future lessons! All courses are conducted 7pm - on weeknights, for 7 sessions. Course Fee $490.00 Methodology The ARTEFAKTS mode of instruction is rigorous and comprehensive. Modules are based on pedagogically sound learning principles. Lessons are thoughtfully ‘scaffolded’ to ensure you are firmly grounded in the fundamentals before moving on to the next level, where you will get to apply concepts and techniques learnt from the previous lesson, and so on. Will I need a sketchbook? You are strongly encouraged to maintain a sketchbook journal throughout the course. The sketchbook not only allows you to practice your sketching/drawing/ painting freely without inhibition but also enables you to adopt a thoughtful, reflective approach to your learning journey. We will review your sketchbook regularly and offer appropriate guidance and feedback to help you improve. This reflective approach is one of the unique features of an ARTEFAKTS course. Finally, the sketchbook serves as concrete evidence of your artistic developmental process. Many students have expressed amazement at their progress when they eventually review their ‘before’ and ‘after’ drawings. Does the course cover theory and technical skills? We place considerable emphasis on developing sound theoretical knowledge and hands-on technical skills – both essential qualities for producing confident, professional-looking work. Throughout the course, we devote ourselves in explaining critical art theory and historical contexts as well as provide you with practical guidance on proper art techniques. How will I benefit from this course? At the end of the course, you will emerge with increased awareness of art fundamentals, as well as a greater sense of artistic confidence, fluidity and versatility. Join us today! We warmly welcome everyone regardless of your age or profession, with or without art experience. It is our sincere desire help you discover, nurture, and develop your artistic talent, so that you too can fulfil your artistic vision.

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ARTEFAKTS is an artist’s studio and craft workshop. We are passionate about creating art with a refreshing, contemporary twist. We offer art experiences for people to discover their inner artist. With over 30 years of experience as a graphic designer, art director and art educator, founder Jeffrey Ang believes there’s an artist within each of us waiting to be discovered, and that art should be enriching, relaxing and therapeutic. See you at our studio soon!
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Basic Portraiture Course
Hosted by Artefakts Singapore
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